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Attitudes at Work

Somewhere between your emotions and thoughts lie your attitudes - your perceptions about yourself, others, and life itself. An employee’s attitude at work impacts performance, office culture, and the overall success of an organization. Unfortunately, an employee’s attitude is often considered a factor that is uncontrollable and unchangeable, so it is frequently overlooked or tolerated by coworkers and supervisors. Yet just like some illnesses, poor attitudes can easily “infect” the workplace and cause significant problems, both for the employees, and for the organization as a whole. In this course, you will learn what the term “attitude” means, some common attitude problems, and the impact that employees’ attitudes can have on an organization. You will also learn about personality factors that can play into a person’s attitudes, as well as how certain attitudes can be promoted or changed. Finally, the course will teach you how to create a workplace environment that fosters helpful attitudes, along with practical steps you can take to address attitudes that may be affecting individual and organizational success. This course, which incorporates interactive exercises and self-assessment opportunities, is appropriate for a wide range of staff, including direct service providers, support personnel, and supervisory staff.
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Attitudes at Work
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